Self Encrypting Hard Disk Drive

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  • We’ve developed robust and effective procedures for all encrypted media!

Amidst growing concerns over the security of our data, vendors have responded by producing what have been dubbed self-encrypting drives (SED); devices that are fitted with a controller chip that automatically applies encryption to any data written to the media.

These drives also use two separate encryption keys. One of these is set by the user and the other is installed on the drive’s firmware. As a result, merely extracting the data from the drive and moving it to a new piece of media will be unsuccessful as the data would remain encrypted.

As a result, our technicians will undertake the following when working with your SED drive:

  • Analyse the drive and determine the cause of data loss;
  • Review the condition of the drives components and determine if any are need of repair/replacement;
  • Use bespoke software to extract the encryption key from the drive’s firmware; and
  • Develop a custom plan for the safe retrieval and recover of your organisation's data.

The processes that we have developed have resulted in an extremely high recovery rate with self-encrypting hard drives but, prior to the completion of an initial diagnostic, it is simply not possible to guarantee that your organisation's data can be recovered. You can book your free diagnostic today (and get your free no-obligation, fixed-fee quote) by sending us an email or calling us on +66-53-329471.

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3 steps to get your company's data back

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Contact & Diagnostic

Send in your media and one of our specialists will contact you ...

  • Carefully package your media.
  • Download and complete the shipping form and enclose it with your media.
  • Send us the package containing your media securely via Royal Mail Special Delivery or Courier.
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Filelist Check

We send you a fixed price quotation & an online filelist ...

  • When we receive your media, we'll send you a unique ID by email and determine what's wrong.
  • Once we've identified the problem and how to fix it, we'll send you a list of recoverable files and a no-obligation quote.
  • In the unlikely event that we are unable to recover your data, we will return your drive to you via a secure method. For more information on this, refer to our Return Drive Policy.

Send Your Data

We get your organisation's data back ...

  • We transfer all of your recovered data to new media.
  • Following us having received payment, we return your data to you via a secure next-day delivery.
  • We retain a copy of your data for seven days in case of query. Following this period, the data is securely erased.

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